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A Walk-Through Time: Humanitarianism In 2021

Written by : Nor Zarifah Saleh

Nowadays, we can see many humanitarian organisations promoting and creating awareness about people in needs especially the people who suffered from wars and conflicts. However, many have yet to understand about the true meaning of humanitarian. The well-known history of international humanitarian aid originated from the story of Sir Henry Dunant, a Swiss social activist providing aids for the soldiers affected from the Battle of Solferino in June 1859. During the outbreak of war, Sir Henry Dunant played a major role in providing aids including medicals and foods to all the soldiers affected. His neutrality in providing aids for the people have led him to establish an impartial and neutral organisation providing support for the people affected in wars. This organisation is called the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Inspired from this story, many organisations have later been established with the same mission to provide aids for the people in need, locally and internationally.

In Malaysia, Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia is a Trust Foundation which is incorporated under the Trustee Act (Incorportation) 1952, Legal Affairs Division (BHEUU), Prime Minister Office (PMO) of Malaysia. Our mission is to maintain and enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness in humanitarian aid nationally and internationally. With this, GPM aims to provide continuous supports to the victims of wars and natural disasters. GPM is currently focusing on 32 countries including Malaysia, Chehnya, Kosovo, Albania, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Timor Leste, East Turkistan, Jordan, Bosnia and Eriteria.

Throughout our establishment, the ending of year 2020 has brought joy and gladness for most of us. It was a tough year considering the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 and conflicts. The spread of this deadly virus has brought concern for many, including the government. This situation has made it harder for people to live from hand to mouth. The invisible people including refugees, displaced people and asylum seekers also suffered from this crisis. In certain parts of the world, these people faced continuous changes of season from hot to cold. Without any blankets and warm clothes, these people have lived in extreme coldness. Here, in GPM, we understand the issues concerning these people. Therefore, in between of economic changes and month-long lockdown, we have tried our best to help them. According to the Global Humanitarian Overview 2021, there will be risen of number, estimated about 235 million of people will need humanitarian support and protection in 2021. Pertaining to this overview, GPM has taken measures and prepare ourselves with more humanitarian operations. We are glad that 2020 has ended, however 2021 will be a challenging year for us to lighten the burden of these people. More efforts will be given to help with the risen numbers of the people in need. We do hope for your continuous support in our humanitarian missions and may 2021 will be a better year for everyone.



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