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Strengthening Bonds and Charting a Charitable Course: GPM Malaysia CEO Visits GPM Malacca Chapter

By: GPM Humanitarian Affairs Department

Ayer Keroh, Malacca – The spirit of charity and collaboration was in the air as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia, Syahrir Azfar Bin Saleh, paid a visit to the GPM state chapter in Malacca. The purpose of the visit was to express appreciation for the chapter’s charitable activities in the past year, discuss strategic plans for the upcoming year, and reinforce the strong bond between the central leadership and the regional chapter.

In 2023, GPM Malacca embarked on a series of impactful charitable initiatives that left a positive mark on the local community. From providing aid to vulnerable families to organizing educational programs, GPM Malacca’s dedication in serving the community did not go unnoticed. CEO Syahrir Azfar Bin Saleh commended the efforts of GPM Malacca during his visit, expressing gratitude for the meaningful impact they had made.

“Our state chapters are the backbone of Global Peace Mission, and GPM Malacca has shown exemplary dedication to our mission of bringing peace and relief to those in need,” remarked Syahrir.

“Their charitable activities in 2023 have made a real difference in the lives of many, and I am here to convey our appreciation.”

The visit also served as an opportunity for strategic discussions about the future. The CEO engaged in talks with GPM Malacca leaders to outline the strategic planning for 2024. These discussions delved into identifying key focus areas, refining project implementations, and exploring new avenues for community engagement. The collaborative approach aimed to ensure that GPM Malacca’s initiatives align seamlessly with the broader objectives of GPM Malaysia.

“We believe in the power of strategic planning to maximize the impact of our efforts. By working closely with our state chapters, like GPM Malacca, we can ensure that our charitable activities are not only impactful but also sustainable, ” Syahrir added.

The meeting emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between the central leadership and regional chapters. This connection serves as the foundation for effective communication, shared goals, and a unified vision for the organization.

GPM Malacca expressed their gratitude for the CEO’s visit, highlighting the significance of having continuous support from the central leadership. The collaborative spirit fostered during the meeting is expected to drive GPM Malacca’s initiatives forward in the coming year.

As the visit concluded, the CEO and GPM Malacca leaders left with a renewed commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of those they serve. The shared vision of global peace through compassionate action will continue to guide GPM Malaysia and its state chapters, ensuring that charity and goodwill remain at the forefront of their mission.



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