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GPM Malaysia Visited South Africa Embassy To Convey Heartfelt Gratitude Regarding South Africa’s Stance on Palestine at the International Court of Justice

By: GPM Humanitarian Affairs Department


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In a gesture of solidarity and support, representatives from Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia visited the South Africa Embassy in Malaysia to express their gratitude for South Africa’s bold move in the international arena concerning the Palestine issue.

The delegation, led by CEO Syahrir Azfar Bin Saleh and Head of Public Relations Officer Salman Bin Mohd Yusop, along with representatives from OPS Isan Secretariat and YB Nurul Izzah, conveyed heartfelt appreciation for South Africa’s recent actions at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. South Africa has accused Israel of genocide in Palestine under the Genocide Convention, a move seen as a significant step in global diplomatic efforts to address the longstanding conflict in the region.


During the visit, CEO Syahrir Azfar Bin Saleh highlighted the importance of international support and solidarity in seeking justice for the people of Palestine. “South Africa’s stance at the International Court of Justice is not just a diplomatic maneuver, but a beacon of hope for all who stand for human rights and justice in Palestine,” said Saleh. He also drew parallels between the struggles faced by Palestinians and the historical challenges of South Africa under apartheid, noting the significance of South Africa’s understanding and empathy towards such issues.

The South African representatives at the embassy welcomed the delegation and expressed their country’s commitment to human rights and justice.

They acknowledged the support from GPM Malaysia and the Malaysian public, emphasizing that such international solidarity is crucial for bringing about meaningful change.

This visit not only strengthens the ties between Malaysia and South Africa but also signifies a united front in the fight for justice and the upholding of human rights in Palestine.

Global Peace Mission Malaysia’s initiative in acknowledging South Africa’s efforts reaffirms the international community’s role in addressing global issues through diplomacy and legal channels.



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