Infak monthly for the needy as low as RM10

Who We Are

Non Profit Organization under the Trusteeship Law of Malaysia. We had been assembled on 26th September 2001 in an immediate response to the sufferings of the Afghans under intese US military on slaughter and occupation.

What We Do

GPM invariably stays on to help out with longer term objectives in education, economics, agriculture, health, community development and socio-economic empowerment programs benefiting victims across the boarders.

Get Involved

Together , we create a life-changing wishes for the need. Either be part of us or contribute to the causes. Even the the smallest contribution can make an impact on someone in need. Be part of us now!

Current Causes

We try our best to distribute your contribution to the needy. Your contribution mean a lot to us.

We Need You

Your time and skills are valuable to us.


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