Water & Sanitation

Water is essential to life and health. In emergencies, it is often not available in adequate quantity and quality, thus creating a major health hazard. At the same time indiscriminate disposal of humans and other waste poses a serious threat to health.

GPM is also aware of the fact that in some of the rural areas there are quite numbers of villages where people spend several hours per day walking to water sources and carrying back heavy containers.

To overcome this problem GPM provides affected areas with water tanks and latrine in order to ensure the people of having a good system of sanitation. GPM also provides communities with tube wells, in order to help people access to clean water for drinking, solat and others.

GPM has provided its water and sanitation program at Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Philippines. The latest one (July 2013), GPM has funded water well being built in Nigeria.







Submit a final report on the water supply projects in Bumiharjo village, Yogyakarta to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. GPM Plans to launch a project to local residents in July 2010.


Handover of GPM to Zam-zam Somalia Foundation for the construction of tube wells.


Financial contributions were donated to HelpĀ builtĀ tube wells in Cambodia.






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