Since the year 2009 GPM has started an agriculture project with the people of Sarawak, Malaysia. This project is to empower the poor communities mainly within urban areas by providing the knowledge on how to grow plants, vegetables and raise animals. The community will be trained on making compost, bio-liquid fertilizer and bio-pest liquid repellant, according to the methods adopted by Korean nature farming movement.

The purpose is to help the community in getting more nutritious chemical-free food and also creating an additional income when there is more being produced than consumed.After the satisfying results of our agriculture program last year, GPM has continued this program in Kuala Lumpur among the marginalized communities, one of the programs called Jomtani.

GPM employee teaching lower class emigrants nature farming in Sabah, Malaysia

GPM latest projects on Agriculture:



  • Visit by 2 community leaders from Zamboanga, Prof Benhar J. Tahil and Moh. Salim N. Mulki to GPM. They visited vegetables farm in Ulu Yam to get the picture before being realised in Zamboanga.
  • Practical training in handling organic fertilizer (indigenous microorganisms inoculums method) in Rohingyan Society houses in Kg. Kuantan.
  • GPM had Manage funds from UNHCR for 12 Rohingya families in Kg Kuantan Batu 4, Jalan Gombak. The fund was for developing urban agriculture programme within the community.
  • On-going agriculture practices for Philippino refugees in Kg. Bahagia, Sandakan & Kg Selamat, Semporna. This is in objective of aiding the refugee to lessen their daily expenses, before they could spread out the skills to their community.

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